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Frequently Asked Questions    

What size (kWs) stove do I need?

Having the correct size stove for your room is crucial, too big and the stove is inefficient, too small and your room won’t be comfortable. To get a correctly sized stove, we recommend you have a site visit before committing to buy. One of our experienced engineers will be happy to help.

How long will my stove last?

As with any major purchase it is advisable to buy the best one can afford.

Are cheap stoves really that bad?

We must remember we are asking these stoves to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees  and keep us safe while doing so. From our experience, cheap stoves age rapidly. Cosmetically such as loose handles and stiff controls & integrally such as warping and splitting.

Can i fit a boiler to my stove?

Certain brands such as Clearview have the option do fit a back boiler to your stove. The key aspect to remember, is taking this option making your heating system efficient.

Which wood is best for my stove?

Hardwood is the wood of choice for wood burning stoves, these include ash, beech and oak. Soft wood gives off half the amount of energy and twice the amount of ash, smoke and therefore soot.

What is wrong with wet wood?

Burning wet wood is firstly is extremely inefficient as the energy produced by the stove goes to heating the moisture in the wood and not the room. Secondly, burning wet wood creates large amounts of soot this in turn can create serious problems such as chimney fires. Moisture meters are an inexpensive way of ensuring the wood you burn is dry.

Do I need to have my chimney lined?

It is not a requirement to have your chimney lined, the positives however make it an easy decision. These include:

I don’t have a chimney can I still have a wood burner?

Yes, having no existing chimney has an easy solution which is prefabricated rigid twin-wall insulated flue. Twin-wall flue systems can run through the house through each floor or on the outside of the building, each have their advantages. A site visit will determine the most efficient route.

How often should I get my chimney swept?

We recommend after an install a return visit is made in six months, this visit will give the chance to check the chimney soot build up and outline the future sweeping intervals. No chimney systems are the same so a general rule of thumb isn’t precise enough. Most chimneys are ok with a once a year sweep. Nevertheless we have many customers who require a sweep twice a year. Chimney fires are common but easily preventable.